Micro Focus offers a wide range of tools for IT Management and IT Operations Management (including the former HP/HPE software products).

Using these tools and especially using the integrations of these tools (customized to your company's needs) requires special methods and skills.

As new approaches in IT do intermix development and operations, the scope of IT-Training has to match these new ways, too.
The ITOM Academy offers a wide range of such trainings, to be used prior to, in parallel to, or after you projects to deploy these tools.

The standard trainings offer generic product trainings, and the Focus Days add brand new content for specific points of view supplemented with "deep dive" trainings.
Tailored trainings take care of your specific business impacts. The strength of the products is the multifaceted integration.
The power of these integrations can be used with trainings customized to your needs. Free the power of the products!

Different audiences usually require different views onto the very same content!
Additionally, in different phases of your project, different views onto the same content are often necessary.

Please ask for our special trainings plan to increase benefit of the products: info@ITOM-Academy.de